Legal advice

Bureau 42 is a consulting firm specialised in intellectual property, information and communication technology and privacy law.

We believe that good legal advice cannot exist without a thorough knowledge of the market and the current developments being faced by you. Bureau 42 has this knowledge thanks to extensive experience in business, especially in the ICT sector. Technological developments entail new legal questions. These require suitable solutions, a challenge we gladly face with you.

Public Affairs

Bureau 42 also provides advice in the area of public affairs. Why should you bend over backwards to comply with complicated or practically unenforceable law when you also have the possibility to positively influence them in advance? Bureau 42 helps you to strategically respond to political decisions and changes in society in the interests of your organisation.

Bureau 42 has a wide network in the industry and knows its way around The Hague and Brussels. We thereby act in a professional and decent manner in which transparency and trust are paramount
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The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy

This is what bureau 42 can do for you

What makes Bureau 42 special is the combination of specialised knowledge of law, comprehensive and current market knowledge, and extensive experience in business. This allows us to provide expert advice; practically applicable advice in plain language, at flexible rates.

Bureau 42 is happy to help you when:

  • You’d rather hear what is possible than what is not possible.
  • You have enough in-house expertise, but perhaps not on specialist jurisdictions.
  • You are looking for someone who knows and plays the game. Not someone who stands on the sidelines with well-meaning advice.

We are here for practical advice, internal projects, presentations and workshops.

We work closely with a legal firm for any possible legal proceedings. Of course, you can also choose another firm.

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The name Bureau 42

The number 42 is the answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe and Everything. This is a concept from the science fiction novel The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. In this story, a group of pan-dimensional beings searches for the meaning of life. They construct a computer named Deep Thought, and instruct him to calculate the answer to the question about Life, the Universe and Everything. The computer performs his calculations for a period of 7.4 million years, and his answer is: 42.

The book enjoys massive popularity within the IT community, and the number 42 pops up in the strangest of places. For example, in many programming examples, tutorials, at the beginning of each TIFF file, in addresses, and in the names of companies. Bureau 42 joins this movement as it partly has its roots in the IT world. In addition, having an answer to everything is a great goal for a lawyer.