With its roots and years of experience in the telecom industry, Bureau 42 is able to provide structure in the myriad of rules encountered in your field. So that you can gain insight into where you stand and which requirements you need to fulfil. Innovation also has its heyday, which entails new challenges. Bureau 42 is adept in translating technological developments to legally relevant aspects. We know that technically everything is possible, but how is this legally arranged?

Bureau 42 can help you with:

  • advising and supporting the introduction of new products, services and technologies.
  • advise about ecommerce.
  • advise on the liability of service providers and the drafting of a notice and take down policy.
  • issues in the field of telecommunications law.
  • mapping your obligations in the area of data retention.
  • assessing and advising on judicial claims such as tapping and tracking requests.
  • compliance of your organisation.
  • issues in the field of cybersecurity.
  • drafting, negotiating and evaluating IT contracts.
  • advising in the field of freedom of expression.