With respect to intellectual property, the trick is to find the right balance between the interests of creators, inventors and innovators, and the public interest. Intellectual property rights have the goal of boosting creativity and innovation. This can be done in different ways.

Through proper protection, realistic exploitation and – where necessary – effective enforcement of intellectual property rights, but also by the renewal of business models and promoting alternative models, such as creative commons licenses.

Bureau 42 can help you with advice in the areas of:

  • protecting and managing your intellectual property, both online and offline.
  • copyright and copyright infringement.
  • non-disclosure agreements (drafting and reviewing).
  • trademark law, such as (global) brand registrations, opposition proceedings, trademark infringements, rebranding processes, domain law and trade law.
  • due diligence and Intellectual Property assets in the context of acquisitions.
  • advertising law.
  • intellectual property (assessment, negotiating and drafting of contracts and licenses).